EARRINGS, Wood Hoop Earrings, Upavim Crafts

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Comes in a cloth pouch -- Beautiful, Reuseable and Plastic-free.

These natural wood earrings measure approximately 2 1/4 "overall, with 1 1/2 "diameter hoops.  Lightweight and comfortable to wear.  Handmade and fair trade.
2 1/4" length.
1 1/2" diameter hoops.
Silver-tone ear wires.
Natural wood.

UPAVIM's Sustainable Initiative: Instead of being packaged in our traditional plastic packaging, UPAVIM Crafts is now switching our earrings to be pacakged in 100% recycled Corte fabric pouches. That means that each pair of new earrings you receive will come in its own individual cloth bag - perfect for reuse!