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These beautiful handwoven dream catchers and wall hangings are constructed with locally sourced cane, sustainably harvested woolen yarns, natural cotton and webbed with a long-lasting wax-covered thread. They include genuine lead crystal prisms and are handmade in Nepal at a woman-owned production center. Dream catcher includes a Fair Trade Home & Garden tag.

Size: 13.5 inches high x 4.75 inches wide.

A fun and fashionable twist to an age-old tradition, dream catchers are often referred to as “Sacred Hoops.” The original dream catcher can be traced back to the Ojibwe Native American tribe, which originally used them as talismans to protect sleepers of all ages from bad dreams.

Traditionally shaped as a circle, it is believed the dream catcher shape represented the circle of life and the travels of the sun and moon across the sky. Woven like a spider web, dream catchers are meant to capture bad dreams during the night and hold them there until the sun of the day can burn them away. The strands that hang below are traditionally meant to take the good dreams and gently carry them down to the peaceful sleeper.  

These dream catchers are ethically hand made in Nepal using natural materials. They are crafted using natural cane and woven with a long-lasting wax covered thread, and wrapped and braided with sustainably sourced cotton and wool fibers.

Hang one of these beautiful dream catchers over your bed to ensure sweet dreams or simply as a decoration anywhere in your home!