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Lavender air freshener Scented Wood Bead Diffuser. The floral, herbal, garden-fresh scent of Lavender.

Provides up to 45 days of fragrance of that oh-so-lovely Lavender scent

Perfect air freshener for home: use it for walk-in closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, your home office, the kitchen or any space you want to make special

Scented oil diffuser made from renewable ingredients like repurposed wood

Cruelty-free formula; of course

Made with essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients

Product Warning: Keep out of reach of animals, keep out of reach of children



Origin: Made in the USA and Imported


How about a sensible, clever, and easy way to keep your home spaces full of delightful, garden-inspired Lavender scent? Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Scented Wood Bead Diffuser is precisely that, and it looks lovely at the same time. It’s a charming and decorative wooden diffuser automatic air freshener, and is also adjustable and simple to use. The wooden beads bring the scents of the outdoors in and release the fresh, clean and floral fragrance of Lavender for up to 45 days. Oh, lovely Lavender! Such a pretty and reassuring herb. It’s easy and fun to refresh, by just giving it a shake. This Lavender air freshener has been made with essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients, and of course there are no artificial colors or phthalates. And – as always – our formulas are cruelty-free and never tested on our animal friends. Yes, the room freshener container looks great, and it also has a recyclable cardboard exterior, while the beads that release the fragrance are made from repurposed wood. Perfect for walk-in closets, bedrooms, your home office, the kitchen or even as a bathroom air freshener – works great as a gift too. And to make what’s already great even better, you can choose from a bunch of other garden-inspired scents, as well as products such as Body Lotions, Laundry Detergents, Soap, Tin Candles, and more. Mrs. Meyer’s – Rooted in Goodness.


Cruelty Free - This product has an independent third-party certification on pack or unqualified on-pack marketing claim relating to being cruelty-free and/or not tested on animals.