COFFEE, DECAF, SLOW MOTION, Counter Culture - Whole Bean 12 oz bag *NEW - SALE* Reg. $19

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Delicious Medium Roast. Slow down and savor a cup of coffee, simply because it’s delicious. We pay extra attention to our decaf coffee because you deserve a flavorful, full-bodied cup without the caffeine kick. With notes of molasses and cocoa, Slow Motion is equally delicious as any of our caffeinated coffees.

Decaffeination: Swiss Water Process unless otherwise noted.

Message from Counter Culture:

We pay extra attention to decaf because we know people love it solely for its flavor.

The coffees in Slow Motion are decaffeinated using the water process, a chemical-free process that uses water and custom carbon filters to separate and remove the caffeine from green, or unroasted, coffee.

Slow Motion’s coffees are sourced from certified organic partners in Latin America and shipped directly to a plant for storage and decaffeination. We have small amounts decaffeinated and shipped to us at a time, which keeps Slow Motion the product tasting fresh. The resulting cup is sweet and complex: the equal of any caffeinated coffee.