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Brazil is the largest country in South America with many wonderful things to discover—from miles of rainforests containing thousands of different plants and animals, to the world’s largest river (the Amazon), to many of the planet's most beautiful beaches. The country also features many special kinds of music, from the joyful rhythms of samba and forró to the smooth sounds of bossa nova. Every year features huge Carnival celebrations at which people dance and parade wearing elaborate, colorful costumes. 

Brazilian Playground showcases the country's diverse and wonderful music, taking children and adults alike on a lively musical journey from the rainforests of the Amazon to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Tracks include "Alo Alo" by Marissa; "Pancada" by Gui Tavares; "Mama Africa" by Chico Cesar; "Coco Sacudido" by Claudio Jorge; "Xote de Meninas" by O Karaiva; "Se a Alegria Existe" by Teresa Cristina; "O Rio Tem Cachoeira" by Helio Ziskind; "Samba Dos Animais" by Adriana Maciel; "Eh! Sanfonero" by Paulinho Guima; "Tum Tum Tum" by Roberta Sa; and "Anhanga" by Pepe Bercellos (featuring Maria Fernanda Torres). 

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