CANDLE, TAPERS, BEESWAX, 10", Local Sunbeam Candles, 4 pack

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Packed two pairs per box, our Beeswax Dipped 10″ Tapers are crafted with a classic drip-style bottom finish, making them suitable for candle holders in many sizes. Pure beeswax, cotton wick and eco-friendly dyes.

Available in: Natural, Hunter Green, Red, and Sapphire Blue.

We also have Natural Beeswax Tapers available in single pairs here.

Diameter: 0.75″     Height: 10″.   Burn Time: 12 hours each

Sunbeam Candles is located in upstate New York. It is committed to socially responsible, environmentally-sound, ethical, and sustainable business practices to promote wellness to customers and employees. Their candle shop is solar-powered and they ship carbon-neutral, compost, recycle, carpool, support local businesses, and are a certified living wage employer. Sunbeam Candles are truly earth-friendly candles!