BOOK, STARLIGHT GREY, Barefoot Books - 48 Pages

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Retold by Liz Flanagan

Illustrated by Valeria Docampo

After an old man dies, only his son Ivan keeps vigil. Ivan's reward is the magical stallion Starlight Grey, which he hides from his greedy brothers. When the king challenges the young men of his kingdom to win his daughter’s hand, will Starlight Grey help Ivan succeed? Ride along on this thrilling retelling of a Russian folktale. With ghostly visits, a magical horseback journey, and a tournament to win the princess’ heart, adventure lovers will be on the edge of their seats. Full-color illustrations keep beginning readers immersed in the action and empower them to grasp more advanced vocabulary and sentence structure.

Liz Flanagan runs a writing and retreat center in West Yorkshire and holds a PhD in Creative Writing. 

Valeria Docampo grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and began drawing because she wanted to capture the poetry she saw in the world around her, especially in the faces of children and animals. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication and has won the Independent Publisher Book Award for Children's Picture Books.