BOOK, REVOLUTIONARY WAR GHOSTS OF CONNECTICUT, Arcadia Publishing - 144 pages 52 images

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Courtney McInvale is the founder of Seaside Shadows Haunted History Tours, a Connecticut-based company dedicated to the research and sharing of paranormal history and local lore. She is able to bring a unique perspective to the world of ghostly occurrences as a spirit medium who grew up in a haunted house investigated by famed ghost hunters. Courtney is a graduate of Catholic University.

Bloody battlefields and raucous taverns in Connecticut served as the backdrop for pivotal figures and bold actions vital to the American Revolution. Nathan Hale is said to still conduct lessons in New London and East Haddam, and many suspect that George Washington occasionally visits the Shaw Mansion and Fairfield's Sun Tavern. The presence of notorious traitor Benedict Arnold is often felt in the Leffingwell Inn and at Ye Antientist Burial Ground in New London, where he commanded troops numbering 1,600 as a newly turned Loyalist. Picnickers claim to see apparitions of wounded soldiers seated among them at Fort Griswold in Groton. Step foot into a time when the Sons of Liberty, Tories and Patriots changed the course of history as author Courtney McInvale uncovers the Revolutionary haunts of Connecticut.