BOOK, Belchertown Bits of History: Collected Writings of Doris and Harvey Dickinson - 128 Pages, 52 Images

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Author: Cliff McCarthy Publisher: The History Press

The fifty stories in this charming collection—part history, part reminiscence—recall Belchertown's days as "the Detroit of the carriage industry" and as a genteel summer haven from urban life, while acknowledging the changes brought by the coming of the Belchertown State School and by the dislocation of four nearby communities for the Quabbin Reservoir. Snug in the heart of the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, Belchertown has a rich past, and old-timers and newcomers alike will enjoy the warmth and wit of this patchwork quilt of local history. This is Belchertown from the front porch. Doris and Harvey Dickinson have chronicled their little town's history with the humanity and humor that comes from a half-century of paying attention.

Doris and Harvey Dickinson have been intimately involved in collecting, recording, and preserving Belchertown's history as stalwart members of the Belchertown Historical Association and the Swift River Valley Historical Society. As Archivist at the Stone House Museum, Doris continues to research and write her column, “Bits of History,” in The Sentinel, Belchertown's primary daily newspaper. Cliff McCarthy is an archivist at the Stone House Museum in Belchertown. A local historian and avid genealogist, he and Doris Dickinson co-authored a book of local history in 1998.