BEESWAX, Sunbeam Candle, 1 ounce cake (1)

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1 oz cake of 100% natural beeswax. Great for crafting projects and people who always want beeswax on hand for it’s versatiliy and utility. Beeswax is also used as a shop lubricant, tarnish preventer, bowstring wax, leather conditioner, wood finish & sealer. Beeswax is an essential part of batik, pysanky egg decoration, sewing, lost wax casting, encaustic painting, and musical instrument creation.

Diameter: 1.75″   Height: .75″

100% Pure Beeswax. Beeswax is one of Mother Nature’s special gifts. It releases a naturally sweet, honey-like aroma and has transformative, air-cleansing qualities. Burning beeswax candles can be beneficial to those typically sensitive to environmental pollutants...

Sunbeam Candles is located in Tompkins County, NY. They use solar power to hand-craft beautiful beeswax, soy wax and aromatherapy candles with the purest ingredients available at the least cost to Mother Earth. Sunbeam Candles is committed to socially responsible, environmentally-sound, ethical, and sustainable business practices to promote wellness to its customers and employees. Their candle shop is solar-powered and they ship carbon-neutral, compost, recycle, carpool, support local businesses, and are a certified living wage employer. Sunbeam truly makes earth-friendly candles!