BATH CRAYONS, WASHABLE with Wipe Cloth, Tiger Tribe - 8 crayon set

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8 Smooth Washable Bathtub Crayons in holders - Wipe Cloth Included - Ages 3+

  • For the budding bath time Picasso, 8 tub-time markers that make taking a bath a form of artistic expression.
  • Create masterpieces on the tub, tile or toy. The color goes on easy and washes off with simple water.
  • 8 vibrant colors to create just the right look.
  • Completely non-toxic and water soluble, non-staining, it just rinses right out.
  • A great gift for boys and girls ages 3+

You can read about Tiger Tribe's Sustainability Mission here

Tiger Tribe was founded in 2007 with a mission to design gifts and toys that tap into a child’s imagination and sense of fun. 15 years later, we continue to create products that do that and more. Whether it’s developing a new skill, mastering a technique, increasing independence, or making fun family memories, Tiger Tribe products nurture confidence and creativity in kids.

Our products are designed to give children the creative freedom to figure things out for themselves. When learning how to draw a turtle, fly a kite, thread a lacing card or stack rings, kids are also practicing how to make choices, solve problems and persevere.

We always get a buzz out of seeing a kid grow in confidence because they’ve just flown a kite for the first time or mastered a tricky painting technique. Confidence comes from learning new skills, and creativity is enhanced when kids trust their own judgement and aren’t afraid to try new things.