BANDAGES, WATERPROOF, All Terrain - 20 ct, 3.25x1 invh

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All Terrain’s Waterproof Bandages offer 100% waterproof protection. Waterproof Bandages are made without latex* and 100% sterile. Non-stick pad doesn't stick to your wound to cause you a painful experience, and 4-sided seal helps to keep dirt and contaminants out. Waterproof Bandages use super-strength adhesive that stays secure for variety of skin types, and barrier to bacteria. The bandages are portable and convenient to carry in your purse, backpack and kid’s schoolbag, etc.

    A box of Waterproof Bandages contains 20 count all one size(3 ¼ x 1-inch each).
    100% Waterproof
    Made without latex* and 100% sterile
    Non-stick pad doesn't stick to wounds
    4-sided seal helps to keep dirt and contaminants out

*Not made with natural rubber latex or synthetic derivatives.

Proud member of 1% for the Planet: we donate 1% of annual sales to organizations dedicated to encouraging children and their families to get outside and stay active.

Cardboard box. Biodegradable and 100% Sterile. Flexible protection.