BAMBOO SHOOTS, SLICED, Organic, Native Forest - 14 oz can *SALE* Reg. $4.59

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Best by 7/12/24. These shoots, harvested at the peak of crispness and sweetness, are the ultimate in crunchy texture, perfect for adding a “wow” factor to all your favorite dishes. Sustainable goodness. Certified organic bamboo shoots are harvested young for a pale yellow color and satisfying crunch. They’re just a bit sweet and mild enough to take on other flavors without stealing the show.

INGREDIENTS: Bamboo shoots, water.

Native Forest is encouraging suppliers to expand their organic practices, and their coconut milk is cruelty-free and made without any abusive animal labor practices.

Vegan, Low sugar, gluten free

BPA free lining to the can. Completely recyclable.

Native Forest® Organic Sliced Bamboo Shoots are delicious Asian vegetables that characterize popular regional dishes such as soups and stir fry. We begin with a special variety of certified organic bamboo and harvest the young shoots when they are at their most tender. We wash, slice and promptly pack the organic bamboo shoots to retain their delicate flavor and crisp "al dente" texture. Our mission is to offer you the most delicious and healthful bamboo shoots while renewing the fertility of the soil using time-tested organic practices.