Apple Butter, Old Fashioned Local, Backyard Foods - 8.5 oz glass jar

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Vegan - Dairy Free - Low Fat - Low sodium. Made from fresh New England grown Apples by Rhode Island based Backyard Food Co. They combine local apples with cinnamon, cloves and pure cane sugar and slow cook them for hours to create an Apple Butter that is both simple and complex.

What is Apple Butter?

Apple Butter isn't butter at all, in fact it contains no dairy! It's a super concentrated applesauce that's bursting with flavor and a pantry staple you didn't know you needed.

Culinary Applications

Apple butter smeared on a slice of fresh baked bread is hard to beat. It's also a great pairing for cream cheese, brie, a sharp cheddar, chicken, ham and other pork.

Ingredients: Apples, Pure Cane Sugar, Cinnamon, Cloves