ANIMALITOS, FABRIC, handmade in Guatemala, Upavim Crafts - Choose Rabbit, Cat or Dog

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Animalitos come in assorted colors and a variety of animals, all handcrafted in traditional Guatemalan fabric. Each animalito has a string attached for hanging as decoration on a backpack or elsewhere. Place them as figures in a decorative scene. They also work great in place of a bow on a wrapped gift. Colors and patterns will vary. 

2" x 3". 100% cotton.

•  Made in Guatemala
•  Product Language: English
•  Packaging: Plastic-free
•  Product Materials: Plastic-free, Recycled, and Upcycled
•  Production: Ethically sourced, Fair trade, and Sustainably sourced

UPAVIM is a self-run cooperative of women in La Esperanza, Guatemala.  Every sale provides fair trade jobs for women and supports UPAVIM's full-day kindergarten through 6th-grade school and daycare.