2023 SEEDS, LETTUCE, LOLLA ROSSA, Organic High Mowing

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1/32 oz

Days to Maturity: 30 - baby; 55 - full size

Italian looseleaf loved for its deep red, tightly curled leaves surrounding a bright green heart.

An ideal baby leaf variety providing mild flavor and excellent loft, heft and color to salad mixes. Open heads are compact, slower growing and slower to bolt than other lettuces. Displayed field resistance to mildew in our trials.

Ideal baby leaf variety
Slow to bolt

ttuce can be seeded in the spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Days to maturity are from direct seeding in spring conditions, subtract 10-14 days if transplanting, subtract 7-10 days if planting in summer conditions, add 20 days if planting late summer-fall In certain areas, lettuce can be grown throughout the summer by choosing varieties which are heat tolerant; however, many lettuce varieties have difficulty germinating in soils above 75°F.  Start transplants 3-4 weeks before setting out.  Sow seeds 4 per inch in flats or small-cell plug trays, barely covering with fine soil.  If sowing into flats, transplant 2 weeks later into plug trays, pots, or into another flat at 1-2” apart. 

Harden off seedlings by reducing water and temperature for 2-3 days before transplanting. 

Harvest: Cut lettuce holds best when harvested in the morning and cooled rapidly.  For salad mix or baby leaf production, harvest individual leaves when they reach desired size, or cut evenly across the bed making sure to stay above the growing tip.  For a continuous harvest, sow lettuce every 3 weeks.

Storage: Store just above freezing temperatures with 98% humidity.