2024 SEEDS, SNAP PEAS, SUGAR ANN, High Mowing Organic Seeds

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1 oz

Days to Maturity: 52 DAYS

Nothing says spring like these high quality petite green pods!

A great way to start off the season. Tasty round pods on dwarf 2' vines are early with a concentrated crop. 1984 All-America Selections (AAS) winner from pea breeders Dr. Calvin Lamborn and Dr. MC Parker of Twin Falls Idaho, the creators of the famous Sugar Snap.

Short harvest window

2.5-3" pods

Peas (Pisum sativum) are a cool season annual in the Leguminosae family, which includes beans, garbanzos, lentils, and peanuts.


Shell peas, or English peas, are tender peas growing inside a tough pod which is discarded.

Snow peas have a sweet a delectable pod. These are harvested while peas are still small.

Snap peas have a succulent edible pod as well as plump sweet peas.

Soil Nutrients and Requirements: Because peas are planted in the early spring when conditions are often wet, good drainage is important. Sandy soils are best. Ensure good yields by adjusting soil pH to above 6.0 using lime, or wood ash where soils are low in potassium. For nitrogen, 20-30 lbs /acre is adequate. Higher amounts may cause lush foliage with poor flowering and fruit set. Peas fix nitrogen in the soil through a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. To ensure adequate numbers of pre-existing bacteria, mix seed with inoculants right before planting.

Seeding depth: 1-2”

Plant Spacing: Thin if desired to 2”

Row Spacing: 18-24"

Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked in the spring. Seeds will germinate in soil temperatures as low as 40°F, although slowly.  When soils are around 60°F, seeds will germinate more quickly. Hot, dry conditions adversely affect quality and yield, so it is advantageous to have the crop mature as early as planting schedules allow. In some regions, you can grow a successful fall crop by planting in late summer.

Harvest when pods fill out, but before seeds turn starchy. Regular picking will increase yields.