SCARF, ORGANIC ERI SILK, RED, Sustainable Threads - India

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Organic Eri Silk Vegetable dyed scarf. Eri is spun from vacant cocoons of silk worms. Therrefore, unlike conventional silks, it does not involve killing the worms by boiling the cocoons.

For centuries, the craft of weaving has been passed down through generations. Each piece is 100% silk, hand-woven in the on traditional bamboo looms.  The naturally occurring variations are part of the beauty of these organic silks. A fair-trade community, the proceeds sustain the culture of weaving and support the livelihood of the weavers. The scarf comes with a tag that explains the fair-trade aspect as well as the cruelty-free organic process of creating the scarf.

Size: 12" wide x 66" long

Silk is a natural material which will gain beauty and softness when properly cared for.

Care: Dry clean only. Do not store in plastic.