CRANBERRY SAUCE ORGANIC, Appalachian Naturals - 11 oz Glass Jar

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Cape Cod grown certified organic cranberry sauce with a touch of sugar.


Ingredients: Organic fresh cranberries, organic cane sugar, water

Located in Goshen, Massachusetts,Appalachian Natural's motto since we began has been "Local Agriculture is Everyone's Business," and we really believe as a region we can all play a small, or even large role in helping to sustain our local farms and producers.

Today, we continue to purchase ingredients from many of the same farms we purchased from back in the early years. As we continue to grow and navigate welcome requirements from the food industry (such as non-GMO verification), we will stick to our original mission and continue purchasing quality, non-GMO or organic ingredients as close to Goshen, Massachusetts as possible. When we cannot find an ingredient locally that meets the non-GMO standards we require, we will seek out alternative farms outside of the Pioneer Valley, but still within Massachusetts.