SOIL, POTTING SOIL, ORGANIC, Raised Bed Mix, Castine, 2cf

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2 cubic foot bag. Castine Blend Organic Raised Bed Mix  USES: Raised bed gardens, planter boxes and container gardens

Coast of Maine was founded in 1996 with a dedication to protecting the planet and sustainable practices Coast of Maine Organic Products has grown since then and now offers some of the more unique and effective organic gardening products around.  

Castine Blend Organic Raised Bed Mix provides a rich and complex soil for growing healthy vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Made with manure based compost, worm castings, lobster meal, kelp meal, greensand, biochar, and mycorrhizae.  You can use this product straight out of the bag without further amendment. It also makes a great addition to existing beds if you need to give them a nice recharge.  

Ingredients: compost manure, worm castings, biochar, kelp meal, lobster meal, greensand, and mycorrhizae.