PLANT CRUMBLES, ALL-PURPOSE, Meatless, Organic, Plant Boss, 3.35 oz

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EXCELLENT SOURCE OF PROTEIN - Plant Boss All-Purpose Plant Crumbles are a convenient meat substitute packed with 15g of protein per serving. It’s so delicious you’ll hardly believe these plant crumbles are plant-based. Meat has met its match.

SAVORY BLEND - Our All-Purpose Plant Crumbles are made with a savory blend of organic seasonings, including onion, paprika, and pepper. These meatless crumbles are a perfectly-seasoned addition to any meal, great for anything from tacos to tikka.

ORGANIC AND SOY-FREE - These all-purpose plant-based crumbles are soy-free, made with organic yellow peas that are grown in North America. These are meatless crumbles with endless possibilities, and they’re made with only the best ingredients.

EASY TO USE - Vegan crumbles are an easy-to-prepare addition to any meatless meal, and our vegan crumbles are easier to use than the other plant-based crumbles on the market - just mix with water and simmer for 15-20 minutes. That’s it!

ABOUT US - PLANT BOSS is a new idea from Frontier Co-op, a hard-working little cooperative based in Iowa. We’ve been exploring the power of plants since 1976, and we’re excited to share these amazing meatless meal starters with you.