PEARS, STARKRIMSON RED. Fresh Organic - EACH (7 oz)

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USA. Pears are about .50 lb each. STARKRIMSON VARIETY

Named for their brilliant crimson red color, the Starkrimson is a mild, sweet pear with a subtle floral aroma. It is very juicy when ripe and has a pleasant, smooth texture, making it perfect for snacking, salads, or any fresh use that shows off the brilliance of its skin.

The Starkrimson is one of the few pears whose skin changes color as it ripens. Its color turns from deep crimson to bright crimson red, and its skin also becomes more thin and delicate. Its floral aroma and sweet juice develops during the ripening process, so a bit of patience will allow you to coax out this pear’s flavor potential. Remember to ripen all pears at room temperature, and only refrigerate pears to slow the ripening process once the pear is ripe and ready to eat.