MILK, A2 WHOLE GRASS FED, A2 Milk - 59 fl oz

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This A2 Milk comes from 100% grass-fed cows. A2 milk comes from cows that produce only the natural A2 protein and no A1.   A2 milk is easier on digestion. May help some avoid discomfort.

A2 Milk Company grassfed cows are on pasture every day, all year – with the nutrition and care they deserve – so they can produce deliciously creamy, great-tasting milk. They state on their website: "The quality of our milk is a top priority. Our cows are not treated with growth hormone rBST* and are fed a plant-based diet. We love our cows and treat each of them as a V.I.C. (Very Important Cow). Farms in the United States are Validus certified for animal welfare. The humane treatment of our cows is of the utmost importance to us. After all, they’re an essential part of the team!"

Ingredients: A2 Whole Milk, Vitamin D3