ELDERBERRY EXTRACT, 700 mg, Quantum, 2 fl oz *SALE* Reg. $16.69

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Best by July 2023.

  • THE BENEFITS OF ELDERBERRY - seizes on the benefits of Elderberry, rich in antioxidants that strenthen your resistance by boosting the production of cytokines that improve the body's immune response.
  • RESPIRATORY HEALTH - Elderberries' immunity benefits and anti-inflammatory properties may help bolster the upper respiratory tract.
  • LIQUID SUPPLEMENT FOR SWIFT, POTENT BODY ABSORPTION - In liquid form, this dietary supplement has the fastest absorption potential and highest dose of sambucus nigra of all of our elderberry products.
  • VITAMIN BREAKTHROUGH - Elderberries are rich in vitamins, including A, B, and C, while also offering a healthy dose of potassium and calcium.
  • GOES DOWN EASY - Take directly from the provided dropper, or add to your favorite meal, drink, or tea to infuse a sweet-tart flavor that you will love.