KEFIR LOCAL ORGANIC Grass-Fed A2 Milk, PLAIN, Family Farmstead - 32 oz

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Kefir made the old-fashioned way with real Kefir-grains. High in Probiotics. Non-homogenized cream-top. Low Temperature Pasteurized. 100% Grass-Fed. Organic. Local (Worcester, New York). A2 Milk. 

Family Farmstead is a 100% Grass-Fed Dairy, At Family Farmstead they are passionate about 100% Grass-fed dairy, and thrilled to be able to offer their uniquely delicious products to you. With each glass of our milk you drink, you are economically supporting a small family business as well as ecologically supporting a sustainable farming system that includes plants and animals working together to regenerate soils, people, and communities.

At Family Farmstead, all cows have been genetically tested and laboratory-confirmed to produce only A2 proteins, which means all of their products contain only the A2 variant of Beta Casein. A2 Milk is EASIER TO DIGEST and it is linked to MORE POSITIVE HEALTH EFFECTS AND FEWER NEGATIVE HEALTH EFFECTS THAN A1 PROTEINS (Family Farmstead Dairy)