FERTILIZER, LIQUID ORGANIC Noot Plant Food Concentrate - Makes 3.5 gallons

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Noot makes it organically simple to grow a green thumb!

✓ Use 1 tsp per 1/2 gallon watter. Safe to use with every watering for vigorous, healthy, indoor houseplants.

✓ Transform the growing medium into a bio-active ecosystem that produces rapidly growing roots, brighter blooms, and lusher leaves.  

✓ Our improved formula has sourced the highest quality strains of beneficial bacteria and friendly fungi, that strengthen plants at their cellular level by forming a symbiotic relationship with roots. These active microbial helpers get to work after just one watering, unlike cheaper powders which require re-animation and longer times to populate before they get to work.

✓ No more complex fertilizer labels, different dilutions, excessive additives, or stinky mess.

✓ Indoor plants become more tolerant of root rot, bounce back quicker from neglect, and have an increased resistance to temperature swings.

Made in the United States of America