EGGS, ORGANIC LARGE BROWN, Alderfer, 1 dozen

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PULP CARTON, CAGE-FREE, ORGANIC, KOSHER. Alderfer eggs are from family farms in Pennsylvania.

Statement from Alderfer's: "Our organic eggs are from 100% vegetarian fed chickens and fed organic feed containing no pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs. Our hens live in a cage-free environment, where they are allowed access to the outdoors. Our organic hens are also fed 100% organic feed made at our own feed mill."

* Our hens are never caged, and all our barns allow them access to the outdoors. Our animal welfare standards go even farther than the Organic seal requires!
* We never administer antibiotics or hormones to our hens.
* Our hens’ 100% organic feed contains no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or GMOs. It’s also free of animal by-products (and the drug residues/pathogens that may be associated with them). No slaughterhouse waste allowed!
 * Our farms are inspected by PCO (Pennsylvania Certified Organic) which is USDA accreditation.