Crackers, G/F Crispy Sea Salt Baked Crackers, Milton's - 4.5 oz

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Craft Bakers * Eat Well. Be Free.™  * 5 Grains In every bite.

Free Of Gluten, wheat, xanthan gum, trans fat, cholesterol, GMOs, rBST, peanuts & nuts.

Non-GMO Verified * Certified Gluten Free * Wheat Free * Kosher * Vegetarian

5 Grains & a Hint of Sea Salt Perfect for Snacking, Stacking and Dipping

The best things in life are free. Finally, that's true when it comes to gluten free. Because at last there's a cracker that everyone can love. It's a crunchable, munchable celebration of the simple pleasures of snacking. Milton's GLUTEN FREE Crispy Sea Salt Crackers are a grain lover's dream without any wheat, but with all the flavor and fun baked inside. Certified Gluten Free, these gourmet delights are made wit the finest wholesome ingredients that are proudly verified GMO free. Everyone deserves a Milton's moment, whether you're living gluten free or sharing your passion for food with family and friends. Just open a bag and indulge. Milton's GLUTEN FREE: Eat well. Be free™