CHOCOLATE Gift Bag or Box, Lake Champlain, Foil-Wrapped - 5 count

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Gourmet chocolate made the Vermont way—infusing passion and craftsmanship with fresh cream from the local dairy, honey straight from the hive, and maple syrup from our next-door neighbor. Sourcing only the highest quality non-GMO, organic, and fair trade certified ingredients (whenever possible), and never adding preservatives, extenders, or additives. Because exceptional flavor starts with extraordinary ingredients. A Burlington, VT company.

Five pieces of delicious chocolate in an organza gift bag - Choose from these individually foil-wrapped types:

* Green Mountain: (Brown foil) Delightful mix of currants, nuts in milk chocolate.
Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, chocolate lquor, soybean lecithin (non-GMO) and vanilla). Roasted Almonds, Dried Currants. Contains milk, soybean, tree nuts. May contain traces of peanuts and wheat).

* Maple Crunch: (Copper foil) Maple syrup infused buttercrunch covered with dark chocolate.
Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soybean lecithin (non-GMO) and vanilla), Unsalted butter, *Sugar, *Rice syrup, Evaporated milk, Vermont Maple Syrup, Water and *Soybean lecithin. Contains milk and soybeans. May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat. * Organic

* Evergreen Mint: (Gold foil) Creamy dark chocolate with a light touch of delicious peppermint.
Ingredients: *Dark Chocolate (*Sugar, *Chocolate liquor, *Cocoa butter, *Cocoa powder and *Vanilla powder), and *Peppermint crunch (*Brown rice syrup, *Evaporated cane juice, Peppermint flavor and Beet root juice).  May contain traces of milk, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat. * Organic

* Assorted: Mix of Green Mountain, Maple Crunch and Evergreen Mint

* All Dark Box: 4 Evergreen Mint and 2 Dark Squares  Ingredients are Vegan but bay contain traces of milk, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat.

* All Milk Box: 1 Maple Crunch, ! Green Mountain, and 3 Milk Squares