CHOCOLATE, EVERGREEN MINT, Dark Choc, Lake Champlain - EACH (gold foil)

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Dairy-Free, Vegan.

Sink your teeth into an Evergreen Mint and taste the perfect mix of classic flavors - deep luscious 57% dark chocolate with just the right hit of cool peppermint crunch. Crafted in small batches from the original recipe, custom-cast with a scene of an evergreen tree by a moonlit lake and wrapped in white-gold foil - each one is a tribute to the magic of winter in Vermont that's sure to make an elegant (and quickly devoured) treat.


54% cocoa content dark chocolate with peppermint crunch

Each piece is 11⁄4" diameter and 1⁄2" thick

Individually wrapped in white-gold foil


Gourmet chocolate made the Vermont way—infusing passion and craftsmanship with fresh cream from the local dairy, honey straight from the hive, and maple syrup from our next-door neighbor. Sourcing only the highest quality non-GMO, organic, and fair trade certified ingredients (whenever possible), and never adding preservatives, extenders, or additives. Because exceptional flavor starts with extraordinary ingredients. A Burlington, VT company.