BRIE CHEESE, Mini soft ripened, ILE de FRANCE - 0.9 oz (25 gtams)

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A DELICACY AND SPECIAL DELIGHT - Take snacks to a different level with our brie 25 gram bites. Ile de France Brie Bites are delicious, and easy to carry. Enjoy as a snack or a special delight for your guests.

PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR LUNCHBOX - No cheese wheel, no problem. Bring your favorite french cheese to school, or work. Our brie bites are packed individually to prevent mixing in your bag.

GUILT-FREE INDULGENCE - Ile de France brings the best of french cheeses and brie to the USA. These delectable brie bites are portioned with only 70 calories of sensible pleasure.

GREAT FOR SOCIAL GATHERINGS - Make a festive cheese plate using our brie with just a few nuts, crackers, jam, and meat, and share it with everyone.

Ingredients: Pasteurized Cultured Cow's Milk and Cream; Salt; Cheese Cultures; Enzymes; Calcium Chloride; Penicillium Candidum (Harmless White Mold).