BEVERAGE, TÖST ROSE SPARKLING TEA - 4 pack (4 250-ml bottles)

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Includes bottle deposit. Four 8.5 fl oz Glass bottles. ($2.55 each). Also sold individually A dry sparkling celebration of WHITE TEA, GINGER & ELDERBERRY.  Delightfully fizzy and alcohol-free. Celebrate any occasion. Dry, Sparkling, Sophisticated.

TÖST can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

All natural. No preservatives.

A culinary beverage designed to pair well with any meal.

Mature alternative to lemonade or iced tea.

Only 40 calories per 8 oz (250 ml) 

Looking for a good mixer? TÖST plays well with vodka, bourbon, gin, and rum.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, Cane sugar, White tea, White cranberry concentrate, Elberberry concentrate, Natural ginger extract, Natural citrus extract, Natural flavours, Citric acid. 

TÖST is Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union. Pareve | OU.