ALLERGY IMMUNE DROPS, Maximum Strength, Fast Acting, Forces of Nature - 10 ml

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Homeopathic. Indoor & outdoor allergies. For relief from sneezing, runny nose. Itchy eyes, throat & nose. Long-lasting natural relief, non-drowsy, non-addictive, up to 40 sublingual doses.

The Purest Ingredients on Earth: We proudly manufacture powerful USDA Certified Organic Medicines which deliver results time after time. We source from elite organic growers across the planet: from high in the Andes, Himalayan and Rocky Mountains to the island of Java, Madagascar, and Corsica and small organic farms in California. This allows us to provide the ultimate in purity and therapeutic value for our medicines. We insist on the highest quality standards and believe in the power of our treatments. We think you will too. Pesticide-free. The Power of Urtica: Published studies demonstrate relief of allergy symptoms when Urtica is taken in homeopathic doses, especially during the first signs or symptoms. It makes a great complement to this allergy remedy. The Power of Silicea: Helps the body expel congestion and irritants. Also helps treat sore throats, coughs, and sinus issues. It is thus a natural systemic cleanser which helps treat excess mucus and allergy symptoms. 

Certified Organic by SCS Global Services. USDA Certified Organic. Non-GMO Project Verified.

Ingredients: Distilled Water; Grain Alcohol; Urtica Dioica 8C Treats Hives or Other Rash-Like Eruptions; Althaea Officinalis 34C for Itching; Rash-Like Symptoms; Inula Helenium 55C Expectorant; for Respiratory Issues; Angelica Archangelica 89C Remedy for Inflammation/Allergy Symptoms; Pinus Sylvestris 89C Relieves Itching; Natrum Muriaticum 55C Itchy Eyes/Hay Fever Relief; Silica 89C to Clear Sinus Congestion.