AIR PLANT FERTILIZER, Savvie Studio - 2 fl oz

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This fertilizer is a nitrogen blend designed specifically for Tillandsias (air plants). It is packaged in a 2 oz mister bottle, making it easy to lightly spray your plants every one to two weeks. It is designed to promote more rapid growth, encourage more blooming, and support a well nourished, happy plant! Air plant blooms are truly a joy to experience! 

Air plants enjoy being soaked in water 1x per week for 20 minutes. They also prefer bright, indirect sunlight. 


About Savvie Studio: Woman owned, handmade in USA, Not on Amazon

Savannah is the maker and designer of Savvie Studio, a modern home goods and gifts brand. She is endlessly inspired by nature and always exploring new ways to bring plants into your home or office, as plant filled spaces make for a happier, healthier life! All production, from packaging to laser cutting, happens in their Denton, Texas based studio with a small team of four creatives. In a world of mass produced goods, here you see the artist's hand evident in every piece; and can find hope in the community that handmade goods create.